About Us

What is the purpose of United Angels?

The United Angels Foundation (UAF) is a non-profit, parent-to-parent support group. The primary mission of the foundation is to support parents and families of children with special needs. We do this through three main focuses: Interaction, Education, and Resources. Examples of these include: newborn visits; parent lunches; online chat forums; youth and family activities; parent education seminars; and much more. As our name indicates, we view these special children as Angels. We believe that the most effective way to support these Angels is by supporting the parents and guardians who are raising them. We believe that creating a collaborative and inclusive environment will ultimately help to promote the healthy development of the individual child. Parent-to-parent support can be the key to helping a new parent understand and embrace the opportunities and challenges a child with special needs brings into their life.

Who does UAF support?

UAF supports parents of children with ALL disabilities and special needs. We believe in the concept of “uniting” parents who share a common bond no matter what the condition of their child may be. UAF parents have found a tremendous benefit in sharing knowledge and information within a larger community and across various spectrums and conditions. Although Down Syndrome and Autism currently represent UAF’s largest demographic of Angels, other conditions include Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida, Turner Syndrome, Aspergers Syndrome, unknown diagnoses, and other genetic conditions. UAF provides condition specific activities and groups, while also providing their members with the benefits of a larger community and support network.

UAF Programs and Services

UAF provides support to parents and families that have been blessed with an Angel of their own. This support includes Newborn visits, parent lunches, youth activities, community awareness programs, educational programs, and much more. One of our primary missions is to help families adjust to the birth of a child with disabilities. Although many of our activities provide recreation and fun for the Angels, the purpose is to bring these parents together in a spirit of unity and collaboration.

Donation Information

UAF is a non-profit foundation, and a registered 501(c)(3). All donations are 100% tax deductible, and 100% of the donations contributed are used to benefit the members of UAF through support group activities and functions, educational materials, hospital packages, and much much more. The Board of Directors for UAF are not compensated whatsoever; which means that contributors can feel confident that every dollar they provide to United Angels will be used to support these wonderful children, and their families.

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