Board of Directors

Patrick Bailey


Patrick Bailey is the Chief Financial Officer for REDX and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the United Angels Foundation. With a BA in Chinese from BYU and an MBA in Finance from Yale School of Management, Patrick has built an impressive career in financial management, working with clients and vendors from around the world. He’s served as an accountant for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Head of Finance for Consumer Electronics at Flextronics, and Executive President of Finance for the Summit Global Group. Patrick enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Chantelle, and his four children who are all active members in the United Angels Foundation.

Curtis Fenn


Curtis Fenn is the President of REDX and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for United Angels Foundation. With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Curtis’ understanding of leadership psychology has helped him improve the lives of over 80,000 real estate agents. His ability to effectively network and create meaningful relationships with business professionals has contributed to massive growth for REDX, and invaluable support for the United Angels Foundation. Curtis enjoys spending time with his wife, Mariah, and their six amazing children.

Gary Carter


Gary is a consulting, business, and technology leader with experience in companies ranging from start-ups to world-class business, consulting and nonprofit organizations including Andersen Consulting, Chrysler Financial, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In early 2016, Gary founded EnergizeOps, a consulting practice helping growing companies develop operations capability. Gary received a BS, Psychology in 1981, and an MBA in 1985 from Brigham Young University.

Gary and his wife Nari are the parents of three children, and grandparents of one beautiful granddaughter. Their youngest child was diagnosed with cognitive and physical disabilities at an early age. As a result, they have been involved in special needs issues and programs for many years while raising him to adulthood. Along the way, Nari received a Masters Degree in Special Education from Brigham Young University and is past president of the Council for Exceptional Children, Utah Chapter. They currently live in Highland, UT with their son.

Gary and Nari are both excited to be affiliated with United Angels and have the opportunity to serve the special needs community.

Amber Leck


Amber Leck is a Co-Founder and Member of the Board for the United Angels Foundation. Amber has been instrumental in providing a focused mission for the foundation, and is motivated by her desire to help other parents within the special needs community. She holds a Bachelors in Nursing from Brigham Young University, and worked as a labor and delivery nurse at American Fork Hospital. Outside of her volunteer work for the foundation, Amber enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and photography.

Mark H. Leck


Mark Leck is the Founder and CEO of REDX (Real Estate Data X-Change), an innovative real estate technology company that specializes in lead generation. Mark co-founded REDX in 2003 and has grown the company to be an industry leader for seller lead services. REDX services thousands of residential real estate agents throughout the United States and Canada, and has delivered hundreds of millions of leads since it’s inception.

In 2008, inspired by the birth of his daughter Aubrey who has Down Syndrome, he and his wife Amber started the United Angels Foundation, a non-profit parent-to-parent support group whose primary purpose is to support parents and families of children with special needs.

Mark has been consulting, creating, and running businesses for over 15 years, and is sought out for his ability to vet ideas, find innovative and cost effective solutions, and to help develop concepts into viable products and services. Mark attended Brigham Young University, was born in Canada, and lived in Australia for 5 years. Outside of work, Mark enjoys a variety of hobbies: from amateur radio to scuba diving and almost everything in between. But most of all Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, Amber, and their three children.

Oakley Peterson


Oakley grew up in Northern California but currently resides in Northern Utah with her husband, Scott, and their three little ones. She is the mother to feisty Scarlett, their fun, strong-willed and sassy girl, sweet Welles, their emphatic and pure hearted escape artist who is always on the run and Ames, the boss baby who joined the party and does life to the beat of his own drum. When not changing soiled diapers, cleaning sticky handprints off of the walls or checking door locks to keep Welles in… Oakley and her family enjoy traveling, dancing and spending time together. Oakley sits on the board for United Angels Foundation… a foundation that supports families with all-abilities. She is very active in communicating and supporting families with Down syndrome all around the world AND advocating from her online soap box within her community! She is the founder of Nothing Down About It, an Instagram and Facebook group where she documents the real-life circus of her family… sharing the wild and crazy that all moms experience with three young kids ALSO with the aspect of raising a beautiful child who happens to have Down syndrome.

Todd Thompson

Chairman of the Board

Todd Thompson is a business and technology leader with deep experience leading change in successful companies. He has served as Chief Information Officer at JetBlue Airways, Starwood Hotels, Vivint, and dōTERRA.

Todd serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for United Angels Foundation. He was a member of the board of a similar organization (STAR, Inc.) in CT. Todd is also a member of the Board of Directors for DCI, providing technology solutions to hotels and serves on the advisory board for Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), where he was board president from 2009-2011. He served on the Board of Directors for Elm Resources from 2008-2011. Earlier in his career Todd led consulting practices for both SBI.Razorfish and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and was an IT Director at Nu Skin and a Senior Consultant for Andersen Consulting.

Todd received a BS, Computer Science in 1992 and an MBA in 1999 from Brigham Young University. He lives in Provo, UT with his wife Julie and six children.

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